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DE-OX Oxygen analyzer

DE-OX Oxygen analyzer
Product Code : DEOX O2
Product Brand : DE-OX
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deox2DE-OX® is the most up-to-date measurement instrument that digital technology provides for dive planning and for oxygenate mixed gas analysis.

DE-OX® can display information for a correct planning and management of mixed gas diving.

DE-OX® has been especially designed and manufactured for the analysis of binary and ternary mixed gas like Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix.

With DE-OX® it is also possible to program your personal parameters of oxygen partial pressure exposure and the kind of mixed gas to be analyzed, as well as further information.

Also, with DE-OX®, it is possible to set a test gas mix and simulate gas analysis for a correct dive planning.

Main features:

  • Reading of oxygen percentage within the gas mix.
  • Long life oxygen sensor.
  • Autosetting of analyzer and sensor.
  • Programmability of personal partial pressure oxygen exposure range from 0.6 to 1.6 ata and for exceptional exposure from 1.7 to 2.0 ata.
  • Maximum Operative Depth (MOD) with the mixed gas beign analyzed depending on the personal oxygen limits set.
  • EAD (Equivalent Air Depth) and END (Equivalent Narcosis Depth).
  • Maximum diving time depending on oxygen exposure according to NOAA chart with the mixed gas at the possible diving depths.
  • Maximum oxygen exposure time limits according to NOAA chart at different oxygen partial pressure and Kp parameter for the calculation of OTU (Oxygen Tolerance Dose) and UPTD (Unit Pulmonary Toxicity Dose) calculation.
  • Setting of binary (Nitrox O2- N2 or Heliox O2- He) or ternary (Trimix O2- N2- He) mixed gas.
  • Simulation of mixed gas analysis without physically having the mix.
  • Setting of Italian or English language.
  • Setting of metric decimal and imperial English units.
  • Battery level.
  • Output sensor level.
  • Actual environmental temperature.
  • PC connection with a serial cord and Windows software (optional).
  • Connection with electronic pressure gauge or other oxygen sensors (optional).

WARNING: Reliable depth range is from 0 mt (0 fsw) to 300 mt (999 fsw).
Dimension: 145×83×36 mm
Weight 300 grams (with battery)