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DE-OX SUB helium and oxygen analyzer

DE-OX SUB helium and oxygen analyzer
Product Code : DEOX SUB HEL O2
Product Brand : DE-OX
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deox-sub1The programming and analysis computer DE-OX®SUB is the most up-to-date analyzer for respiratory mixtures, provided with digital technology and adopted by the Italian Navy at an incredible price!

DE-OX® SUB is necessary in order to visualize useful data for the correct planning and management of dives with mixed gas It has been express developed and realized for binary and ternary mixture analysis like Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix. It has visual and sound alarms for max and min percentage reached for every analyzed gas and two relais with exchange contact connected to the alarms.

DE-OX® SUB uses innovative sensors developed by TEMC for respiratory use, and has been made also for respiratory parameters monitoring in saturation dives. Every Instrument is produced and tested with 5 known sample helium mix gases in order to give the best measurement accuracy (less than 1%) and repeatability. The errors of every sensor are recorded into the Firmware of every instrument in order to minimize the errors and to produce a linear reading curve

deox-sub-explorer-displayDE-OX® SUB is linkable to Personal Computer and alows firmware upgrade of the microprocessor. Upon request is possible bind together a carbon dioxide sensor to simultaneously analyze up to six gases .

The DE-OX® SUB firmware makes automatic compensation adjusting the helium reading in reference to the oxygen concentration.

deox-sub2Main features:

  • Oxygen percentage reading 0 -100% in the mix.
  • Helium percentage reading 0-100% in a Helium Oxygen and Nitrogen based mix.
  • Sensors and analyzer autosetting.
  • Max and Min reached percentage sound and visual alarms user selectable for each gas.
  • Thermal conductivity Helium sensor developed by TEMC for underwater applications.
  • Ambient temperature reading.
  • 2 relais connection with exchange contact (driven by alarms).
  • Non volatile memory to maintain configuration data and calibration up to 10 years in case of power failure.
  • Indipendent calibration for each sensor with a known mix in the measure field.
  • Power indication for battery or AC adapter.
  • Standard sensors connections to gas flow.
  • Sensors status indication.
  • Long life oxygen sensor.
  • PC connection with serial cable and software (Windows).
  • Equipped with an internal Lithium Ions rechargeable battery WITH NO ADDITIONAL COSTS
  • Available with yellow OLED display (optional)
  • Dimensions: 18,5×12×6 cm Weight 500 grams

Into the DE-OX® SUB package is included:

  • DE-OX® SUB unit (with long life oxygen sensor, helium sensor and rechargeable battery)
  • 110-230 VAC 50-60 Hz power supply
  • Cigarette lighter plug cable power supply (8-24 VDC)
  • Serial PC cable
  • Transparent plastic pipe with Y connector (for the connection to both helium and oxygen sensors)
  • CD with English instruction manual and Windows SW
  • Plastic bag