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DE-OX sub multigas digital analyzer Oxygen, Helium, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide

DE-OX sub multigas digital analyzer Oxygen, Helium, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide
Product Code : DEOX MULTI
Product Brand : DE-OX
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DE-OX® SUB MULTIGAS is the most up-to-date measurement instrument for checking the quality of any breathable gas mix.

DE-OX® SUB MULTIGAS is a fully digital analyzer that measures at the same time Oxygen, Helium, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide. It can be connected to any air compressor or to any cylinder in order to check the air quality. It has visual and sound alarms for any set gas concentration and two relays with exchange contacts, connected to the alarms.


DE-OX® SUB MULTIGAS can be used for continuously reading during gas filling. It can alert and help in switching off the compressor if the values go out the set alarms range. Connection to Personal Computers through serial port is included.

Main Features:

  • Oxygen percentage indication in the mix within 0,0 to 100%. Resolution 0,1%. Long life electrochemical sensor.
  • Large range of Carbon dioxide gas concentration (from 0-500ppm 0-0.05% to 0-100%). Resolution 20 ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide NDIR (Non Dispersive Infra Red) sensor
  • Carbon monoxide concentration within 0 to 100 ppm resolution 1 ppm. Long life electrochemical sensor.
  • sensori_smallSensors status indication.
  • Heavy duty waterproof Explorer case and internal aluminum panel.
  • Independent audible and visible alarms for any sensor.
  • Internal lithium ions rechargeable battery with car lighter or external AC adapter.
  • Two relays with exchange contact driven by the alarm values.
  • Non-volatile memory to maintain configuration data and calibration up to 10 years in case of power failure.
  • Calibration utility.
  • Power indication for external battery or AC adapter.
  • Available with OLED display (optional)
  • Standard sensors connections to gas flow.
  • PC connection with serial cable and software.
  • Dimensions: 305x270x144 cm Weight 2 Kg ca.


Available configurations include:

  • Helium, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen (as balance to 100% of the analyzed gases).
  • Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide.
  • Any configuration mix of the available gas sensors.
  • Optional external Dew Point sensor. If an extra accuracy is required, it is possible to connect an external thin-film aluminum  oxide moisture sensor for detection of humidity up to -110°C dew point (0.001 mg/m3 or 0.001 ppmV). In this configuration the instrument gives also absolute humidity and PPMV at 21.1°C (70°F) and 1 atm.