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DE-OX ZIP oxygen analyzer

DE-OX ZIP oxygen analyzer
Product Code : DEOX ZIP O2
Product Brand : DE-OX
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DE-OX® ZIPis the simplest oxygen analyzer available on the market because of its simplicity and its technology.

Unique features consist of a unique device that integrates in an innovative and useful cover, the oxygen sensor, the battery and the electronics.

DE-OX® ZIP is the choice for users that need reliability, accuracy and the greatest simplicity in computing and analyzing binary and ternary gas mixtures, like Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix.

DE-OX® ZIP is the simplest version of the famous DE-OX® at a very competitive price.

deox-zipMain features:

  • Display of oxygen percentages from 0,0% to 100,0 %.
  • Long life oxygen sensor.
  • Oxygen sensor, battery, electronics integrated in the case.
  • Numeric display of 50×35mm.
  • Manual calibration.
  • Battery low indicator.
  • Simple battery and sensor replacement.
  • Soft protection and transport bag.
  • Direct connection for BC hose (optional).
  • Direct connection to every kind of tank valve with TEMC® rubber cup adapter (included).
  • Very innovative cover design.