For many years Kwark have been making warm underwear, so called first layer, for various, very difficult conditions. Such a specific and very demanding environment is the inside of a diving dry suit. It would seem that when it is very cold you should just wear a thicker lining, however that solution has many disadvantages. Traditional undergarment/liners, even when made of a breathable fabric with a membrane, have to be very thick (need lining of ca. 400 g/m2 weight) to ensure a proper insulation. And that is not all because the outside layer also weights quite a lot. You also have to wear a high performance underwear. A set of such a thickness makes it impossible to move freely. You feel stiff like a dummy.

Kwarks idea is different. Beside thermal protection they care about maximum comfort. The liners are very elastic, fit perfectly without restraining movement, there is no empty space between the fabric and the body that would need warming. All fabrics Kwark use, both for underwear and liners, fulfill requirements of highperformance underwear perfectly. Thanks to no need to use an additional layer close to the body. The well fitting design takes the sweat away efficiently. Fabrics pull moisture away in a capillary way. This needs a good contact with the body – if the undergarment is loose the skin will remain wet. Kwark take the fit very seriously and the fact that this clothing needs to fit well. 

Kwark offer a women's line for women with curves – a well constructed shape does not flatten breasts and fits closely to the whole body. They also offer tailoring for clients of a non-standard sizes. This service is not expensive and allows to exploit fabric's advantages fully.

Things that directly touch your body are responsible for comfort to a great extent. Kwark have spent lots of time on perfecting even invisible details to be absolutely sure that Kwark will not let you down. They have their own design studio. Kwark use specialist sewing machines, thanks to that all seams are flat and very durable. They use the best, frequently tested fabrics and test each of their products.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products