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Sentinel Red Head Upgarde

Sentinel Red Head Upgarde
Product Code : RHUPGRADE
Product Brand : VMS
Additional Red Head Upgrades
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Breathe new life into your legacy Sentinel

Own an older Sentinel unit? Switching to the RedHead couldn't be easier - The Sentinel RedHead upgrade offers a rapid and easy to install upgrade path for owners of legacy Sentinel units.

The Sentinel RedHead upgrade will take your legacy Sentinel to a class leading level of performance with true integrated resource life support capability. Replacing all your unit's existing electronics, the RedHead upgrade offers a multitude of performance, modularity and reliability improvements that will transform your legacy Sentinel unit into a class-leading expedition grade rebreather.

Additional RedHead Upgrades

IR transparent flowcone

For owners wishing to upgrade an older, wired legacy Sentinel unit to the new RedHead specification, please note that you will need to purchase a new high-impact moulded IR transparent flowcone. The flowcone used in these older units is not compatible with the RedHead.

Low Pressure Hose Rerouting

New RedHead Sentinels feature a new hose routing, removing the circular manifold below the canister. To bring your unit up to date, we can supply and configure the hoses and replacement manifold to match the most up to date units during RedHead installation.

Service & Installation Bundle

To ensure your unit leaves us in great condition and ready to dive we recommend combining your upgrade with a service. This brings all component service dates into line with your upgrade and gives you the best baseline for the next step in your diving ambitions.