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Side 16 Avenger

Side 16 Avenger
Side 16 Avenger Side 16 Avenger Side 16 Avenger
Side 16 Avenger
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Product Brand : Tecline
Side 16 Avenger
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  • Easiest SM set on the market regarding configuring and adjusting the harness

  • Harness can be separately adjusted on the shoulder straps and/or waist belt

  • Straight forward adjustments make this also the best set for teaching purposes

  • Bladder and harness form 1 integrated set

  • 16kg of lift capacity

  • Possibility to add up to 19kg of weights

  • 2 sets of extra weight pockets available in 2 sizes (2kg and 4,5kg)

  • 4 integrated weight pockets (10kg of weights in total), putting the bulk of the weight in the ideal position concentrated on the back of the diver. These pockets are positioned slightly outwards and more down, providing a more streamlined profile and better trim

  • The weight pockets on the waist belt also help dry suit divers to maintain perfect trim by having the extra weight more towards the lower part of the body Rear dump valve in a strategic and protected position on the lower back of the bladder, for easy dumping of gas in horizontal- or upside down position

  • Low profile of the bladder, so reduced drag and risk of getting stuck in restrictions

  • Inflator can be placed both left and right

  • Detachable beavertail, to attach heavier steel cylinders or accessories