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V2 Mono Semi Tec

V2 Mono Semi Tec
Product Code : 10010-1
Product Brand : Tecline
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V2 ICE MONO - equivalent of V2, designed for divers using a single tank. The regulator is suitable for diving under ice (cold waters) and allows for ideal arrangement of hoses both in configuration with an octopus as well as with a long hose and backup on a bungee.

Regulator V2 ICE MONO set Semi Tec includes: -
1 x first stage V 2 ICE MONO, diaphragm with Cold Kit, 4 x LP, 2 x HP
2 x second stage V2, balanced with Venturi regulation and breathing resistance regulation 
1 x hose LP 61 cm
1 x hose LP 193 cm 
1 x hose HP 61 cm
1 x SPG Tecline 300 bar
2 x piston clips
1 x bungee for hanging the second stage (in 2 versions as in the DIR version for double set)
1 x Tecline regulator's bag