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Womens Long Leggings

Womens Long Leggings
Product Code : K089600
Product Brand : Kwark
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Our Tropical Liner made of the Power Stretch fabric is fleshy, light, very elastic and smooth. It fits the body perfectly and thanks to that once warmed up layer of air stays on its place. It makes this fabric incomparably warmer than other materials of similar grammage. Moisture is drawn away from the body, before it manages to create drops, and it is spread on the outer surface of the fabric, so even a wet underwear feels dry. You can wash it in a washing machine. After a spin-dry it dries in a flash. It does not take in bad smells.

The trousers are high waisted and have an elastic waistband. When you put them on your sweatshirt your reins and radicles are protected by a double layer of the fabric